Unique worldwide: SENSOcare® technology

The first infrared technology that automatically and contactlessly regulates the optimal infrared heat.

Everyone is individually sensitive to heat. We have made it our goal to enable everyone optimal relaxation with healthy heat – regardless of gender, health status and age. With SENSOcare®, we have managed to adapt the intensity of the infrared elements to the daily perception of heat and the ability of the human body to absorb heat.

At first glance, the idea of sensors that measure the skin temperature invisibly and without contact seemed logical and simple. Yet the development of the innovative technology posed a challenge that we were able to solve through intensive research and product development. SENSOcare® ensures optimum heat for every single person through fully automatic and uninterrupted measurement of the skin temperature on the back. In this way, people with restricted heat sensitivity, such as those with paraplegia, can also enjoy their infrared session safely and in total relaxation.