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I-Medic 20 advantages

  • ErgoMedic 100-2 (S), Wagner including patented 3D – Dondola® -seat joint
  • seat depth and seat angle adjustment
  • seat fabric
  • backrest mesh
  • Armrests D2, multifunctional armrests height and width adjustable (via clip closure) with softpad armrest bar, separately radial- and depth adjustable
  • Optional: headrest mesh
  • Optional: battery

The first office chair that loves your back

Our infrared office chair brings the best heat to the workplace. The ideal cooperation partner has been found in Wagner, the traditional German manufacturer of quality chairs – because pioneering spirit and inventiveness connect us. The first office chair with integrated infrared heat addresses back problems, the internal feeling of coldness and tensions. At the heart of the chair is the newly developed 3D carbon radiator. The transitions between chair and 3D infrared radiator are seamless. No matter what position one sits in, the radiator takes on the movement. The special covering of the backrest harmonises perfectly with the 3D radiator made from carbon. Thanks to the special structure and arrangement of the heating elements, the radiator adapts exactly to the user’s back shape and gives off an extraordinarily homogeneous and pleasant heat over the entire radiating surface. The 3D infrared radiator also emits the heat at a much higher intensity than a seat radiator and works contactlessly – which guarantees a much better effect.



A unique movement technology is invisibly integrated above the chair’s mechanism. The three-dimensionally moveable seat including armrest is supporting back
health-scientifically proven.

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