• How to use the low-temperature infrared cabin optimally

How to use the low-temperature infrared cabin optimally

Heat is one of the oldest natural healing aids and alleviates many conditions. However, care must still be taken when applying heat. Every person experiences and reacts to heat differently. Your personal sense of well-being should always be the main consideration when it comes to the frequency, length and intensity of infrared sessions.

Before entering the cabin

• Estimate the temperature you will find comfortable (the thermo-neutral zone is 27 to 37 °C). Test different temperature ranges and adjust the temperature to how your body reacts.

• Preheat the cabin to your thermo-neutral zone, above approx. 27 °C.

• Remove jewellery and all metal items.

• Drink a glass of water or mineral water.

• Take off your clothing and go into the cabin naked and with dry skin. Do not wear swimwear.

During the session

• Let the radiators cool down after preheating. Only sit in front of emitters that have cooled down.

• Lay your dry hand-towel or an available covering under your body and adopt the recommended sitting or lying position.

• A session is designed to last between 25 and 40 minutes. However, if you feel unwell during the session, please stop immediately.

• Gently heat the skin for 3 to 5 minutes (at approx. 40 mW/cm2), then steadily increase the temperature over a period of approx. 15 to 20 minutes (up to 80 mW/cm2). Women or patients taking medication or suffering from chronic illnesses should only increase the temperature to 60-70 mW/cm2 during the initial sessions.

• The body’s heat regulation will improve. After several sessions, the emission strength can be steadily increased.

• Pre-set programmes are only suggestions. You can choose between stimulating and calming sessions or set your own feel-good programme.

• Always adjust the intensity to your own sensitivity to heat. If you experience a burning sensation or tingling during a session, it is too hot. The skin in the directly heated area of the back should cease to be red after no more than 3 hours. In older people, those on medication and people suffering from chronic illnesses (of the nervous or cardiovascular system), any redness should have disappeared after no more than 2 hours.

• Sweating (dripping sweat) is not necessary for a successful whole-body heating session!

• Try to relax and switch off.

• Before leaving the cabin, you should clean or disinfect used seats or recliners

(particularly in public cabins).

Tips for after the session

• After the session, you should rest for a while (avoid cold to the head and feet).

• Finally, take a lukewarm shower.

• Drink sufficient water, as well as mineral drinks where appropriate (depending on how much you have sweated).