Purchase tips

Some factors that you should be aware of when purchasing a low-temperature infrared cabin:

    • The cabin interior temperature should be max. 37 °C (upper limit of the thermo-neutral zone), irrespective of the intensity of the infrared radiators that is needed to achieve personalised and optimised heat application.
    • The cabin should have back emitters that heat from 10 to 12% of the surface of the skin (ideally the back).
    • The control panel to regulate the intensity of the infrared radiation should be inside the cabin and should be easily accessible from each seat or recliner.
    • Single-user controls: It should be possible to regulate each user space singly and individually at all times.
    • Depending on the heat absorption capacity of your skin, the emission strength of the back emitter should be modified via predefined user programmes or (ideally) it should be changed automatically via integrated skin temperature measurement.
    • Permanent, uninterrupted and contact-free application of heat should be ensured.
    • No wooden slats should be placed in front of the back emitter, as they can prevent heat being applied to this area. This prevents the uniform application of radiation to the skin.
    • Uniform application of radiation means that the infrared radiation is evenly distributed over the area of application.
    • As the emission strength depends on the distance from the emitter and the emitter’s surface temperature, a sitting position for the session must be predefined. Even at maximum emitter output, the emission strength must not exceed 100 mW/cm2 (skin) and 8 mW/cm2 (eyes) in this sitting position

    The manufacturer can provide information about which infrared levels apply to skin and eyes in the predefined sitting position and with the various emitter settings.