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We stand to an idea

The name ‘Physiotherm’ is your guarantee of a healthy company philosophy. This is certified by our expertise and competence on the one hand, and by the values we live, including our responsibility in the healthcare area, on the other. Added to this is the daily willingness to achieve, demonstrated by our staff members, and their dedication and innovative curiosity in research and development in the cause of health science. And at this point we turn full circle to the foundation of our corporate identity. Thanks to our untiring efforts, it is no coincidence that we have become the leading manufacturer and supplier of infrared cabins implementing the deep-warmth effect generated by infrared C radiation.

Our company philosophy and strategy, geared to future needs, our quality consciousness, our ambition, our conscientious business conduct and our strong love of people – these are just some of the qualities at the root of our high standards in the way of sensible and sustained preventive healthcare measures. In this context, consistent efforts to foster a deeper appreciation for the application of infrared technology play a major role. And regardless the reason, whether it be our innovative spirit, technological advantage, design guidelines, customer orientation, choice of Tyrol as our business location or our willingness to provide service: this is precisely why not only our enthusiastic customers but also our suppliers and business customers continue to appreciate us and warmly recommend us to others.

Then again, this means that we do indeed live and propagate the values we have defined: ‘well-being’, ‘health’, ‘quality’, ‘competence’, ‘success’, ‘innovation’ and ‘design’.

Traditional-bound company

All of this results in our tradition-bound company enjoying a unique, unshared position in the area of preventive healthcare, and we underscore this position with the utmost sense of responsibility in the interests of all those involved. This applies not only to quality and functionality but explicitly to health safety concerns as well. Recognition of these standards and our outstanding power for innovation not only drives our entrepreneurial future but most importantly provides sustained benefits for the well-being of our customers.

“The best heat for yout health. There is perhaps hardly a better goal than to develop, manufacture and sell products that make a valuable contribution to people´s health. We can do just that. The mission to promote well-being with heat is at the heart of what we do.”

ING. JOSEF GUNSCH Managing shareholder of Physiotherm