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Why not a infrared radiation?

For Physiotherm, it is crucial to not include any share of radiation in the A infrared range, as A infrared radiation may only be used in medical applications under the supervision of a physician. While studies exist that report skin damage due to A infrared, damaging effects have not yet been proven. In spite of this, or for just this reason, Physiotherm does not wish to enter this risky area, and we do not include any radiation from the A infrared range of the spectrum. This is not necessary for treatment based in intensive perspiration, since the warmth supplied to the body is the only crucial factor here. In the Physiotherm system, this is applied in a manner optimally suited to the human body.

Why are Physiotherm heaters so unique?

The Physiotherm heater has been especially developed in combination with the Physiotherm control unit for use in infrared cabins to directly apply radiation to the user’s body.
By directly exposing the back to radiation, resulting in the body absorbing thermal energy through blood circulation, the user can begin to perspire intensely even at cabin temperatures as low as 30 °C, ensuring gentle treatment without any strain. During application, the body core temperature continues to increase slightly by approx. 0.2-0.5°C, an extremely gentle rise.

How long is the warranty for the Physiotherm cabin valid?

We are so convinced of our quality that we give customers a liftetime warranty on the ‘heart’ of the cabin, the infrared heating elements. In this respect, too, we are unique. Safe and secure. Because Physiotherm stands for lasting brand-name quality made in Tyrol

What is individual user control?

With the individual user controls, the intensity of each individual infrared heater can be regulated separately. This means that, with cabin models having two or more user places, heater intensity can be adjusted even more closely to the warmth sensitivity of each individual user: genuine individualised well-being.

What is the Physiotherm Principle?

The Physiotherm Principle differs from the principle underlying a sauna, a bio-sauna, or another warmth cabin available on the market.

The Physiotherm Principle is unique due to the low temperature infrared technology employed.
The air temperature in the cabin is between a pleasant 30 °C and 37 °C. Within this temperature range, heat absorption and heat dissipation in an unclothed human body at rest are in balance. The body does not need to expend any energy for warmth or cooling. It is in a “thermally neutral environment”. This means that the body’s own thermal regulation mechanism is “at rest”. The body can then absorb warmth through the skin easily and dissipate it to the environment easily. In the Physiotherm infrared cabin, warmth is supplied to the body exclusively via the heaters in the back area.
The Physiotherm Principle ensures that warmth is applied to the body in a manner particularly suited to it. It is comparable to mild endurance training of the cardiovascular system.

What do you need to consider when installing a cabin?

In order to ensure stable installation of your Physiotherm infrared cabin, make sure that the surface beneath is solid, horizontal and level. Any unevenness of the supporting surface must be leveled.
Electrical power supply:
The socket where the cabin is connected must be protected to a maximum of 16A. For models having no more than two user places, protection to 12A is sufficient. Use of a fault-current (FI) protection switch is recommended.

  • The area where the infrared cabin is installed should be protected from sprayed water.

  • Air humidity should be comparable to normal living space humidity. If this is not the case, arrangements need to be made for compensating humidity levels, e.g. by airing and ventilating the room. Maximum relative air humidity should not exceed 95% (non-condensating).

  • The optimum ambient temperature for your Physiotherm infrared cabin is the same as normal room temperature (20 °C or higher).

  • If the ambient temperature is lower than room temperature (between 15 and 20 °C), it is recommended that you pre-heat your Physiotherm infrared cabin. The time needed for this depends on the room temperature in the room where the cabin is installed.

  • If the ambient temperature is below 15 °C, please contact your Physiotherm consultant or our customer service before installing the cabin.

  • When set up, the Physiotherm infrared cabin must not be exposed to any external mechanical stress (e.g. by using a high pressure cleaner).

  • The place of installation should be selected so that the control unit mounted on the back continues to remain accessible (i.e. even by moving the Physiotherm infrared cabin). Not observing this advice can have detrimental effects on the functioning, service life or the appearance of your Physiotherm infrared cabin.

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