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The Name behind Physiotherm design - Georg Juen

"... as I scribble, putting my ideas down on paper, I realise that, with Physiotherm, it’s not just about improving the appearance. No. At the focus is the issue of how to refresh the design so as to provide the notions of people, health and vitality with added appeal. In short, how to make something good even better!"

Georg Juen

Ergonomics – a ‘healthy seat’ during a ‘healthy sweat’.

Focus your thoughts: design a backrest, shaped like the spine, that supports sitting up straight. Additionally relieve the spine by providing armrests, and optimise the sitting position, centred in front of the heater. This ensures optimum relaxation of the arms and legs.

Clarity and variable transparency.

Simple, elegant and timeless. Technical elements recede into the background, in visual terms – surfaces are designed to join flush – the interior gives the impression of clarity and space. A larger or smaller glass face – according to customer wishes; the cabin is optimised to fit available space – individual privacy needs are always met.

Design complements architecture.

Understatement: style and function expressed in contemporary form language, blending harmoniously with modern architecture. No superfluous elements, reduced to essentials, conceptual minimalism – the response to any dichotomy. Design fuses with interior architecture, forming a unity.


Mood setter: the central control module is always in the field of view. The integrated MP3 player leaves no wish unfulfilled.


Seduction: ethereal scents, aromatic essences and fragrance dish – for creative aroma therapies within reach


Effect: a soft, effective colour light, easy to set using the familiar dimmer switch.


Sweeping glass surfaces make the entire room an experience during every session, introducing a novel dimension. In the bath or bedroom or an individually designed relaxation room, wherever you wish to enjoy yourself while attending to your health. The cabin is designed as a free-standing object, allowing it to be set up with any side in view. You yourself compose the scenery.

Design at Physiotherm

Georg Juen iat the design studio

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