Physiotherm is an autonomous, independent company situated in Thaur, Tyrol. In addition to Austria, our most important markets are in Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain and South Tyrol. We have a total of 60 infrared advice centres representing Physiotherm in these countries. Beyond this, Physiotherm is available to customers interested in infrared on all five continents through competent distribution partners.

More than 50,000 consumers, 5,600 hotels in addition to a large number of spas, health and therapy centres, clinics and wellness facilities have come to rely on the Physiotherm’s unique low temperature infrared technology for providing preventive healthcare benefits.

Since establishment in 1995, Physiotherm has grown rapidly and currently employs a staff of 210 in Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Great Britain, in addition to 100 freelance employees throughout the world.

In addition, as a member of the Austrian standardisation committee, Physiotherm contributes in a major way to developing and continually improving applicable standards, in this way ensuring improved quality levels in the market in general.

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